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Reselller question .. I’m a media buyer, with lots of casino/sport/binary/forex offers, interested in doing some tests!

Often, resellers are interested in buying bulk traffic. Like example bellow: [17:01:16] Josh: hey bud [21:24:36] Rok: HEY! [21:25:15] Josh: hey rok how goes dude [21:25:18] Rok: nice, you’ [21:25:21] Josh: well thanks [21:25:40] Josh: tell me a bit about yourselves if you would (we are media buyers and keen on possible campaigns with you […]

Reseller question … please how can I become your re seller?

We often get questions about reselling our traffic. Is it possible? Yes. It is. While we first recommend that you sign up for our affiliate program. If you can earn more then 1000$ over that, you are ready to go reselling on your own. Often we got reply: I want to be selling your traffic…. […]

Promotion materials for Affiliate program

There have been enormous feedback from our users who wanted to become our affiliates. We already see sales coming in from first affiliates. To help them increase there sales, we’ve created a small set of banners and two samples of text ads. Please find links and text bellow.×600.jpg×250.jpg×250.jpg×60.jpg×300.jpg×90.jpg Buy […]

Yeeaa … our Affiliate program was released – 30% commision

Finally, we’ve added Affiliate support to our website! Now you can present our buying traffic service to your clients, freinds and all of those who are interested in getting additional traffic. What services do we offer? We offer three different traffic types: –          Targeted traffic (geo and category targeted, for example “United States” and […]