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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Customer asks: I’m looking for a 10 URLs order every month recursively. Possible?

Affiliaz AFZ asked us about recursive URLs. Is it possible?: I’m looking for a 10 URLs order every month recursively, where every URL is divided evenly for 5,000 visitors, target Malaysia, for 30 days. Can you give me your best price single quote with paypal? We replied: Thank you for your enquiry. We use only […]

Customer asks: I have automatically playing sound and video with audio on start up?

Neil wanted to buy one of Targetted Traffic packages, but he was kind enough to asked first: Hi, just wondered if you allow automatically playing sound or video with audio on start up with the Targetted Traffic packages? In short. Yes. You can. BUT, While we gladly welcome sound ads, please note the following : […]

Customer asks: Can I order traffic for my clickbank url?

Our client, Alpha, asked us over email: please I want to purchase traffic points but i want to be clear if i can add my clickbank url. In short. Yes. This is related to question we already answered in May I use my landing page or Direct affiliate link for buy traffic? Can we use […]

Customer asks: The UK numbers does not work in analytic. Why is that?

We are doing the best we can to provide quality traffic service and resolve all the issues. Our customer asked us: I have order of 5000 from uk-1000 per day.Order before that is same-but i was got 3500 from uk and 500 from france and 89 from turkey…that is not fer. Please resolve. We’ve replied […]

Customer asks: I would like to buy targeted traffic, but location (spain) and language (english)?

Sometimes, we can’t deliver and we just honestly say no. Christina, from Spain, asked us: Hi, i would like to buy targeted traffic, but location (spain) and language (english) is this possible please. We replied: Hello Christina, I’m sorry, but we can not provide you visitors from country Span who speak English language. We can […]

Reselller question .. I’m a media buyer, with lots of casino/sport/binary/forex offers, interested in doing some tests!

Often, resellers are interested in buying bulk traffic. Like example bellow: [17:01:16] Josh: hey bud [21:24:36] Rok: HEY! [21:25:15] Josh: hey rok how goes dude [21:25:18] Rok: nice, you’ [21:25:21] Josh: well thanks [21:25:40] Josh: tell me a bit about yourselves if you would (we are media buyers and keen on possible campaigns with you […]

Customer asks: I’ve ordered but my traffic is still very low. What’s happening?

Some questions order Alexa traffic for small countries, like Greece. We don’t have as much traffic there. If you select only visitors with Alexa toolbar installed, you ask for problems. But, as always we want to have a happy customer. How? First, we notify user with link: Thank you for your order. We want […]