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Free traffic or Paid traffic?

The pros and cons of two types of web traffic

Building an audience is certainly very important for every website. It is an outgoing process that is never really finished because the mission of every web master is not only to get a steady flow of visitor to the website, but also to keep it.

It is possible to get quality traffic for free?

Yes and no. So-called free traffic is usually not coming from spontaneous organic search, but from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that is without a question an important part of every internet business. However, SEO is rarely free.

In case that you are web master with a tone of SEO experience you can surely optimize your web page by yourself and for free, but otherwise you will have to pay somebody to do this for you. Many web page owners are trying to optimize their sites for search engines by themselves, but often they are dissapointed because there are no results or even worse: their site is being penalized.

For proper SEO that help you get a lot of free traffic to your website absolutely a sophisticated and complex web knowledge is needed, so if you want to get a free quality traffic with organic search you need to hire a web master or a company that is specialized in this field.

What are the pros of free traffic?

– It is free.

– It can have good results if it is done properly.

– You have nothing to lose.


What are the cons of free traffic?

– It is rarely completely free.

– It takes a lot of work and time.

– It is hard to have a full control and analytics.

– It takes a while to get some results.

– A specific web knowledge is needed.

– Results are not guaranteed.


What are the pros of paid traffic?

– A large numbers of visitors.

– No waiting period.

– Easy and no special knowledge is needed.

– Targeted visitors.

– You decide how much you will pay.

– Improving the Pagerank and Alexa Rank

– Guaranteed delivery and results.

– Due to money refund you have nothing to lose.

What are the cons of paid traffic?

– You need to pay some money to make more money.


It is obvious that it is almost impossible to get quality free traffic, if you do not have special web and SEO knowledge, so the fact is that you will definitely have to spend some money to get quality traffic to your website. If you want guaranteed results and do not want to wait to much time, buying paid traffic is the best and the easiest option for you. You can get high quality paid traffic from trustful sources and reliable traffic provider for really cheap price!

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