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Customer review: A story of how our customer tested traffic

We just love when customers clicks us on Facebook and start a chat with us. Specially, when they say such nice things:)


The problem was that the other seller crashed down and blocked “affiliate” site. Sending fake traffic, bots and so on … so they blocked me and other friends …. and they suspended our accounts while they were searching and investigating the problem. So now we are cautious about buying traffic from every seller. And the seller was “competition” … just to let you know.
Our affiliate network said “if we get again that traffic you will be banned”.
I asked them if I can use for buying traffic, because they can monitor everything … so they said that seems legit. That is the reason why I am buying traffic only from you. I bought “competition” once and the last time. Never again.
So we’ve got the best traffic for lowest price. Superb, thank you!
You have real traffic … and traffic that does not cause problems.
Please keep going on like this. Have the same traffic as it’s real and it converts on my affiliate offers.
You are my only source of traffic that I am buying. That is for sure!

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